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Interior Landscaping Services
Plantrex provides guaranteed, weekly horticultural services performed by trained, uniformed technicians. Watering, pruning and cleaning are done as necessary to keep the plantings healthy and attractive. All of our service is guaranteed. Any plant under contract with Plantrex that expires due to circumstances under Plantrex control will be replaced by Plantrex at no cost to the client. All Plantrex contracts include this guarantee to protect our clients' investment.

Obtaining plants and service from Plantrex:

  1. Contact Plantrex @ 440-250-8646 to schedule a brief introductory meeting at your facility. The purpose of this short meeting is to check the light levels and make recommendations of different options of foliage that will flourish in your businesses environment.
  2. A proposal will be drawn up based upon your requests and submitted to you, usually within a 72 hour period.
  3. You accept the proposal and eagerly await your new foliage and decorative containers.
  4. The plants and decorative containers are delivered and installed by Plantrex installers.
  5. Your guaranteed, weekly horticultural service starts immediately.

Call 440-250-8646 today for a free quote!

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All plants, flowers and containers subject to change due to availability during different seasons.
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