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Our plant maintenance technicians are the individuals that take care of your foliage at your place of business. Our technicians average over seven years of on-site horticultural experience. All technicians are reviewed quarterly by our horticulturist and receive twelve hours of additional training each month.
Our installers are also trained as technicians. This is one of the most important attributes to Plantrex. Our installers have the ability and training to make critical decisions on site in regards to aesthetics, foliage placement due to light levels and many other areas.
Our "degreed" horticulturist visits every account on a quarterly basis and reviews the findings with the appropriate technicians. The horticulturist also trains all of the new technicians and installers on plant maintenance, fertilize and pesticide use.
Geoff Levenberg started Plantrex, An Interior Landscaping Company & Flower Shop, in February, 1997 after being in the interior horticultural field for many years. He believes strongly that superior customer service will continue to help Plantrex become an even larger force in the market. Plantrex currently provides foliage and/or maintenance to over 300 clients throughout Northern Ohio.

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