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Spring Plants
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Seasonal Flowering Plant

A beautiful flowering plant of the season dressed in a decorative container. Get twice the amount for less than double the price - choose Deluxe to receive two flowering plants dressed together in a lovely basket with a floral designed bow.

African Violet Flowering Plant

The flowering plant that lasts for years. Choose the Deluxe to receive a basket with two African Violets.
Flowering Plant African Violet

Azalea flowering houseplant

One of the loveliest things about Spring is the coming of the incredible Azaleas. Always gorgeous, always appropriate, perfect for everyone. Arrives in a lovely flowerpot.
Approximately 11" H x 9" W

indoor tropical flowering house plant

A tropical flowering house plant grown in Florida and California. Guaranteed tropical plant delivery in the United States and Canada.
Azalea Tropical Flowering Plant

European Garden

It's as if someone brought a small patch of paradise home in a basket. Give the charming European Garden. Contains flowering and green plants in a charming basket.
Approximately 13" H x 8" W

live green plant - medium

An interior, low-light conditions, live green plant dressed in a decorative container.
European Garden Medium Green Live Plant

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All plants, flowers and containers subject to change due to availability during different seasons.
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