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Interior Landscaping Containers
Plantrex has several types of containers to suit your needs. Each type of our containers come in a variety of colors. During our initial walk-thru, color chips are available to match your interior.

The most popular type of container Plantrex provides for its clients are the poly. These containers start at just $5.75 and are available in over twenty different shades. Each color is available in a hi-gloss finish and a matte finish. The most requested are the hi-gloss black - this goes well in almost any office and usually does not have to be changed when there is a carpet change.

Plantrex also has available metal, fiberglass, metal finish, wood and ceramic containers. Call 440-250-8646 or e-mail us at

To view a sample of our containers look at our large plants.

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All plants, flowers and containers subject to change due to availability during different seasons.
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